Question: What is the definition of Bundled Golf?

In Bundled golf communities, your Golf membership is bundled into the purchase of your home whether it is a single-family home, coach home or condo. You do not pay an additional upfront “Initiation Fee”. Annual membership dues are required. There are some communities labelled "Bundled Golf Community" but a few select homes or streets with homes do no include golf. Be sure to communicate with Membership Director to confirm prior to purchasing.


Question: What is the definition of Golf Club?

Only a golf club experience, mostly in a setting with no residences bordering the course.


Question: What is the definition of Country Club?

In addition to golf, a community offering an array of activities for the entire family in a Country Club setting. Amenities can Include tennis, pickleball, restaurant, pool and more.


Question: Are there any courses in Naples that don't have any residences around the property?

Yes. View the "Golf Clubs" link on the website. These clubs are private and generally have no residences on the property. There are a very select few private golf clubs that offer just a golf club experience but may be bordered by residences not affiliated with the club. Naples is one of the
locations in SWFL that offers the most "stand alone" courses with future Golf Club courses coming in 2024-2025.


Question: What type of grass is typically used on Florida courses?

Bermuda grass is one of the most well-known and commonly used turf grasses installed on golf courses in warm locations such as Florida. It repairs rapidly and withstands traffic well.


Question: How many golf courses are in Florida?

There are approximately 1,250+ courses in Florida making it the most golf-enriched state in the country. In order to play some of the best courses though, it will take skillful networking which is where our Apex team members are connected.

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